Poly Plug Eastern Venezuela Kiri Kiri Field

Well Information

Eastern Venezuela Kiri Kiri Field
9 5/8″
16.8 ppg
250 F


This operator drilled into a zone with a BHP of 17.2 EMW and did not have the
shoe integrity to raise the M.W. Due to the amount of back ground/surface gas,
pumping cement was not an option. Pumping a barite plug to kill to well was to
risky of an option as well, the drilling fluid was 100% OBM the barite could have
settled and plugged the bit. It was decided to spot a 20 Poly Plug pill at 19 lb/gal.
The pill was diplaced and spotted as a balanced plug. Prior to displacement the
level of gas was 4,100 units and after spotting the plug on bottom the gas was
reduced to 1,400 units. After 3 hours the level of gas was reduced to zero. The
operator was able to run and cement a string of casing without problems.


The use of Poly Plug allowed the Operator to kill the gas kick and
regain control of the well. Due to the amount of gas, cement would
not have been an option due to gas migration issues.