Poly Plug Ultra Squeeze

Poly PlugTM Ultra Squeeze consists of a pharmaceutical grade cross-linking agent, a blend of low molecular weight polymer and a filtration agent, designed for use with matrix and fractured formations. The slurry is pumped to a vertically defined zone and a slight squeeze is applied. When placed in a wellbore, the slurry dewaters to form both an open hole plug composed of filter aid material and an inner zonal shut-off.


What is unique about this product is the de-watered phase crosslinks, providing an inner zonal shut-off. The open hole plug holds the polymer solution in place while it crosslinks, forming a non-flowing gel inside the formation. The inner zonal plug has sufficient strength to prevent fluid intrusion into the well bore, even under high differential pressures after drilling out the open hole plug.

Poly Plug Ultra Squeeze Cement City, OK

The well hit depleted sandstone at 16,000’. Three other cement plugs were pumped prior to using Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze and the wellbore was on vacuum.

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Poly Plug Ultra Squeeze East Texas

Cure loss circulation and increase mud weight when drilling into the Travis Peak Formation, which consists of fractured limestone. The objective is to cure loss circulation while safely drilling through tectonically stressed shale formations.

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Poly Plug Ultra Squeeze Fort Nelson, BC

Operator was drilling ahead with no losses when a drill break occurred and the bit fell 5’. Total loss of circulation occurred into a fractured sandstone.

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