Liquid Bridge Plug East Breaks 159 #A11

Well Information

East Breaks, Gulf of Mexico
2.875″ Tubing
1.25″ CT
Salt Water
8.7 ppg
150 F
1 hr


OBJECTIVE: Perform T&A on a lower sand package and re-complete up the well
bore with a Thru Tubing Frac Pac. To T&A the lower perforations, a 2.281″ MRBP
was set at 6,870′ and 10′ of cement was dumped on top. The tubing was then
perforated at 6,829′ (2′) and again from 6,619′-6,630′. Operational Steps: A thru
tubing retainer was set at 6,824 and E/L was POOH and rig down. RIH with 1.25″
CT (10,000′ reel length)and sting into the retainer, mix and pump 5 bbl’s of Liquid
Bridge Plug (RESIN) into the 2 7/8″ X 7″ annulus, bringing the top of resin to 6,650′,
bottom of the proposed perforations. POOH with CT and allow Liquid Bridge Plug
(RESIN) to cure.


After perforating the target sand, a thru tubing gravel pack screen and
assembly was RIH and set. A frac pack was performed and the well was
turned over to production.