Poly Plug OCS-G-18054 #1

Well Information

S. Pelto 22
8 1/2″ O.H. ti 16275′
14.5 ppg
230 F
4 hr


Scenario: 2237’ of O.H. with loss est. with in a sand zone—Exact loss area can
not be determined—Operator wants to cover entire O.H. –Used rig tanks for
blending of Poly Plug pill With the bit placed 100’ above the csg shoe a 175 bbl
Poly Plug pill was mixed and blended-The Poly Plug pill was pumped to the bit
and when it reached the bit the hydril was closed and the Poly Plug pill was
cleared of the bit by 2 bbls— With the hydril remaining closed the well bore at this
point was allowed to dictate where and at what rate the Poly Plug pill would enter
the thief zone—After waiting 8 hours for the Poly Plug pill to transform the well
bore was opened and the drill strg washed and reamed to btm with no problem
and no further loss’s—-Drilling operations continued with no further problems