CONTONE® is a dry flowing, insoluble powder composed of a combination of platy aluminum silicate materials, processed hydrocarbons and graphite ground to a very fine consistency to form a tight suspension in water-based drilling fluids, oil-base drilling fluids and invert emulsion muds. CONTONE® works mechanically by blocking micro-fissures in water-sensitive shale with minute insoluble particles. It has been noted in many shale problem areas of the world that some shale types are simply water sensitive. Whether the water has high chloride, calcium, or potassium content, the shale will still slough. With the addition of 2-8 ppb of CONTONE® better results are achieved in drilling troublesome shale. CONTONE® can be used with any type of water- or oil-based fluid. CONTONE® has superior lubricating qualities that will work unfailingly for torque and drag problems. When extreme torque and drag are encountered, it has been noted that 6ppb is a good starting point. For lubricity, the engineer on location should calculate what torque and drag numbers are suitable to the situation and adjust the concentration of CONTONE® accordingly.


Appearance: Gray-Black Powder Size: 74-75 microns Specific Gravity: 2.5-2.7 Temperature Tolerance: 500˚ F + Reducing HTHP in OBM Systems

Principal Uses:

  • Shale Inhibition Control
  • Torque and Drag Reduction
  • Seepage Control