GMA #1 (Gas Migration Additive) OCS-G 2228-4 Wells 001-00

Well Information

East Cameron 64 Offshore La, GOM
8.3 lb/gal
30 min


GMA#1 was used to prevent gas buildup on the surface and prevent interzonal
communication. The volume of GMA # 1 added to the class “H” cement was
equivalent to 3 gallons per 20 sacks of cement. The amount of GMA#1 required
depends on the fracture gradient, gas pressure, and properties of the gas zone.
A slurry volume that provides 300 to 600 ft of annular fill above the gas zone and
150 to 300 ft of annular fill below the gas zone is generally sufficient.


Using GMA#1 minimized the need for costly remedial cementing.
Reference: Rudy Picou-Stone Energy