Poly Plug Duson, La

Well Information

Duson, La
18.8 ppg
280 F
3 1/2 hrs


At 15800′ the mud losses of 4-6 bph were experienced and drilling cont. to
16000′ at which losses were to high to continue. A 50 bbl Poly Plug pill was
designed and shipped to location ASAP. It was determined in the mean time that
the operator had also taken a kick. A 30 bbl Poly Plug pill was weighted up to
18.2 ppg and displaced to 16000′. The drill string was POOH above the pill with
the hydril closed and Poly Plug was squeezed both down the drill strg. (5 bbls)
and down the annulus (10 bbls). The remainder was left in the well bore and held
for 6 hrs. The mud was then weighted to 18.2 ppg and drlg. commenced with no