Poly Plug Clear Gel W.G. Smith #1

Well Information

Crooked Bayou Plaquemines Parish, La
Perforations: 9710′-9721′
Sandstone Lithology
9.0 Completion Brine-KCL
9.0 lb/gal
185 F
45 min


The existing perforations were producing over 1,000 bwpd. The objective of the
treatment was to shut off the existing perforations and complete/peforate a lower
zone. The Poly Plug Clear Gel treatment was formulated for 2 barrels of Poly Plug
Clear Gel per linear foot of perforations. The treatment was applied via 1-1/4″ coil


The 1-1/4″ CT was placed 500′ above the end of 2-7/8″ production
tubing. Poly Plug Clear Gel was squeezed into the perforations at 1
BPM. Approximately 32 gallons of Poly Plug Clear Gel was left inside
the 2-7/8″ production tubing to cover the 3 bbl annulus from the EOT
to the top of the perforations inside the 7″ casing. Positive pressure
was maintained for eight hours. After waiting eight hours, the CT was
RIH to wash any remaining gel left inside the 7″ casing. The
perforations were then tested as per mineral board requirements and
a successful test was achieved. The Operator RIH with a perforating
assembly and perforated the lower zone. Initial production was 1.3
mcf of gas and water free.