Poly Plug Ultra Squeeze (HSFL) East Texas

Well Information

East Texas
10.1 lb/gal
180 F
40 min


The objective was to cure loss circulation and increase mud weight to safely drill
through tectonically stressed shale formations. The well was experiencing dynamic
seepage losses of 30 BPH. A 20 bbl Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze was mixed and
spotted across the target formation. The drill pipe was pulled above the slurry and
the Hydril closed. Slight hesitation squeezes were applied up to 250 psi. After
squeezing 2-3 bbl increments, the well was allowed to stabilize. After squeezing a
total of 8 bbl’s, the well stabilized with 200 psi on the casing adn was left shut in for
(6) hours. The plug was washed through and drilling the fluid conditioned. The drill
pipe was POOH to the casing shoe and a FIT was performed to 10.9 lb/gal EMW.
The well tested and the mud weight was increased from 10.1 lb/gal to 10.7 lb/gal.
Drilling commenced without further incident.


POLY PLUG® ULTRA SQUEEZE provided a chemical liner,
increasing FIT by 0.7 lb/gal across the fractured limestone formation.