Drill-Xpress OCS-G 5825 A-12 ST1

Well Information

Mississippi Canyon Block 109
9.0 lb/gal
125 F


Objective: To prevent gumbo related problems. TIH and start washing 26″ drive pipe
at approximately 1,430′ taking returns to + 10 valve. Mix and pump a 75 bbl high
viscosity sweep of AQUAGEL and DRILXPRESS® to clean drive pipe. Finish
circulating drive pipe clean and POOH. P/U the bottom hole assemble and TIH with
same. Began drilling ahead with sea water, pumping approximately 75 bbl’s of high
viscosity sweeps containing AQUAGEL and DRILXPRESS® every connection to
aid in hole cleaning, sealing of sand sections and shale stabilization. Washed and
drilled from 1,665′ to 2,337′ pumping high viscosity sweeps of DRILXPRESS® to
clean the hole and stabilize shale’s. Performed a short trip to 1,650′, TIH to bottom
and pumped another 75 bbl sweep of DRILXPRESS® to surface to clean the hole.
Next, a 65 bbl pill of 16.4 lb/gal mud was spotted on bottom and then pulled one
stand. Then 550 bbl’s of 9.0 lb/gal DRILXPRESS® was spotted in the annulus.
POOH to 1,405 feet and wash through hanger ring, continue POOH. R/U casing
equipment and run 22″ liner. Finish running 22″ liner, filled 500′ of liner with 9.0
lb/gal DRILXRESS and then pumped 140 bbl’s of 11.5 lb/gal mud to fill liner. An
additional 40 bbl’s of 9.0 lb/gal DRILXPRESS® was pumped to finish filling the
liner. R/U cement equipment and commence cementing. DRILXPRESS® was
pumped in front of the lead cement (634 sx/286 bbl’s @ 12.0 lb/gal), then 579
sxs/112 bbl’s of the first tail slurry at 16.4 lb/gal, then 100 sxs/37 bbl’s of second
tail slurry. The cement was displace with 40 bbl’s of 11.5 lb/gal mud. Rig down
cementing equipment, POOH with the drill pipe. Typical Mud Properties for the 22″
Interval: FV 75 sec/qt @ 65 F; PV 11 @ 120F; YP 39; 6/3 Minute Gels 34/32; API
Fluid Loss 11.2-11.6; MBT 25; pH 8.5 @ 65 F; Pm 0.10; Pf/Mf 0.10/0.15; Chlorides
2,800 mg/l; Hardness 280 mg/l


Offset wells drilled off of the same platform by BP experienced a great
deal of gumbo and gumbo related problems. The 22″ interval was
drilled without any gumbo related problems.