Products, Applications & Case Studies

Professional Fluid Services has been developing innovative drilling fluids for more than 17 years. We understand the complexity associated with loss circulation, differential sticking, coring fluids, cementing applications, plug and abandonment, water shutoff treatments and other key technical issues.

We know that in the oil and gas industry, lost time means lost money, which is why we specialize in finding solutions that enable operators to respond effectively to engineering challenges. Our suite of proprietary additives, cement spacers, sealants and other high-tech, customizable solutions can be tailored to address any issue encountered during drilling, production or plug and abandonment.

Learn more about how PFS’ versatile Fiber, Cross Linking, Cementing, Resin and Shale Inhibition technologies can help to minimize lost time and increase operational effectiveness throughout the life of your well.

Don’t see what you need? Contact us today, and let our experienced and knowledgeable engineers create a well-specific drilling fluid technology designed to directly address your challenge and get you back on track.