Poly Plug Clear Gel Laurents #1

Well Information

Lake Arthor, La
10 lb/gal
300 F
2 hrs


This well was drilled at 17,010 feet. The original open hole size was assumed to
be 8-1/2″. Difficulties were encountered running the 7-5/8″ liner when it became
hydraulically stuck and could not be ran to bottom. The liner was then cut and
pulled. The portion which could not be pulled was milled. After milling operations
were complete, the hole was reamed from 16,740 feet to 16,950′ and opened to
9-1/2″. After hole opening operations were complete, 120 bbl’s of Poly Plug Clear
Gel was applied to the depleted gas reservoir forming a chemical liner. Volumes for
this type of job are based on the porosity of the reservoir and the amount of
peneteration desired into the reservoir. For the Laurents#1 well target penetration
was formulated on 2-1/2″ to 3 feet.


The customer was pleased with the job. They had circulation for
most of the drill out and had full circulation during the cementing of
the liner with cement tops to the required height. This is the highest
differential pressure environment where Poly Plug Clear Gel was
used to form a chemical liner. The differential pressure across the
zone was over 14,000 psi.