Poly Plug Clear Gel OCS-G 02433

Well Information

High Island 368, A-8
3 1/2
9.0 Completion Brine-KCL
9.0 lb/gal
115 F
45 min


TA-6 3,264’TVD 1,365 psi BHP; TA-7 3,714’TVD 1,670 psi BHP; Last Test TA-6
Sand: 196 mcfpd, 55 mcfpd gas lift gas, 1,382 bwpd, 265 psi FTB, 560 psi SITP
(64/64 choke). Objective: The TA-6 sand has watered out. The objective was to
extend the life of the wellbore by recompleting in the TA-7 sand. After pulling the
gas lift mandrels out of the well and replacing them with pack off/dummies, the
tubing was filled with 2% KCL + filtered sea water. Injection rates were established
into the formation at 1, 2 and 3 BPM. 1.5 times the tubing volume was injected into
the screen assembly at 2 BPM (45 bbl’s). The volume from surface to the top of the
screen assembly was 30 bbl’s. A thirty barrel Poly Plug Clear Gel slurry was
blended and Ultra Seal XLR was added to provide the pump time required for BHT
at the existing gravel pack. The first twenty barrels were pumped at 2 BPM, four
barrels at 1 BPM and then the pumps were shut down for 10 minutes. The squeeze
pressure was allowed to bleed off into the formation. After waiting 10 minutes, the
final 4 bbl’s was pumped at 0.5 BPM. The well was then shut in. After waiting (8)
hours the well was testing to 1,000 psi in 250 psi increments for 5 minutes each at
each increment. Test good. M/U side entry sub on top of crown valve. Install duel
set of 1 1/4″ pipe rams to the top of the side entry sub. Test to 250 psi low and
2,000 psi high. GIH with wash nozzle on 1 1/4″ work string with bpv and wash out
Poly Plug Clear Gel. The platform crane was utilized to run the 1 1/4″ work string.
After washing the remaining Poly Plug Clear Gel from the inside of the tubing and
out of the well, the treatment was tested to 1,500 psi in 250 psi increments at 5
minutes per increment, test good. Recompletion operations to the TA-7
commenced, PFS released from location.


By using Poly Plug Clear Gel as an isolation fluid, the TA-6 was
abandoned and the existing well bore was recompleted at a lower depth
to the TA-7. All operations were performed without the expense of a
work over rig or coil tubing. The use of Poly Plug Clear Gel helped
extend the life of an existing well by facilitating a rigless thru tubing
plug down.