Poly Plug Louisiana-Tuscaloosa

Well Information

Operator: British Petroleum (BP)
Location: South Louisiana-Tuscaloosa


All exposed sands were pay zones and the well was loosing 25 BPH.


Poly Plug®

The Poly Plug® pill was blended in a 40 bbl batch blender and took 1.5 hours to build and weight up to 17.4 ppg.

The pill was pumped down the drill pipe and after clearing the bit by one bbl, the drill string was POOH to 100’ above the casing shoe (+/- 19,000’) and a total of 8 bbls of Poly Plug® was squeezed into the loss zone before pressure limitations of 800 psi on the casing occurred. The Poly Plug® pill was held in place for one hour and then a trip was made for a new drill bit.


After using Poly Plug®, the operator was able to wash and ream to the bottom with no further losses and to continue drilling without further incident.