Poly Plug Deepwater, 10000′

Well Information

Deepwater, 10000′
14″ O.H. to 18643″
Synthetic OBM
15.0 ppg
150 F
6 hrs


Scenario: Rig was in 10000’ of water – Lost return and was not sure where loss’s
were—Prior to Poly Plug pill rig had pumped 3-4 Competitors D.E. LCM pills with
no success A 215 bbls Poly Plug pill was mixed and blended as per Drlg. Rep.—
based on Drlg. Reps. prior experience with Poly Plug and the length of mixing time
on one particular job (due to faulty rig mixing equip.) PFS was instructed to blend
the 215 bbl Poly Plug pill and hold it on surface while the rig POOH and made a
trip to LD test plug, PFS stated its concern that this was not a good idea and that
this probably should not be attempted —Instead of the 12-16 hours mix time that
Drlg Rep expected for the blend of the Poly Plug pill, the Poly Plug pill blended in
6 hours as expected and thus the Poly Plug pill had to be held on surface longer
than desired—Due to the low temperature application, and as expected, the Poly
Plug pill cross linked with in the mixing tank and had to be converted back to a
liquid by raising the pH level of drill water to saturation with Caustic soda and the
high pH fluid dumped on top of the set Poly Plug with in the mixing tank—The
Poly Plug reversed back to a liquid with in 4 hours and was discarded—At this
point another EZ Squeeze pill was mixed and blended and to no avail this EZ
Squeeze pill did not solve the Loss Circulation problem again—A second 240 bbl
Poly Plug pill was mixed and blended in a total time of 6 hours to the wt of 15.0
ppg. (Final vol. 241 bbls) Pumped 223 bbls of Poly Plug pill with a 30 bbl tail
spacer of XCD polymer weighted to 15.0 ppg—The bit was cleared by 2 bbls and
the drill strg. POOH 4 stds above pill—Waited on pill 6 hours instead on
recommended 8 hours and was able to obtain circulation—Formation began to
balloon Would pumped in 50 bbls and get back 3 bbls-Rig circ. riser and cut wt
to 14.9 ppg and then staged in hole doing the same to 17400’-Rig was able to
circulate bottoms up at 17600’ with out any loss’s—Rig POOH and P/U new
BHA and TIH with new BHA staging and circulating bottoms up each stage with
not loss’s—Rig staged to 17600’ and washed and reamed to 18643’ with no loss’s
—PFS hand was sent in while rig prepared to log well