Poly Plug OCS-G 14467 #3

Well Information

Eugene Island #135
19.2 ppg
4 1/2 hrs


Drlg @ 19203′ with a 18.1 ppg M.W. Drilled into a salt-water flow. Increased M.W.
to 19.1 ppg to maintain control. Drilled ahead. Increased M.W. at 19250′ to 19.2
ppg. Performed a leak off test at 19230′ to 20 .0 ppg M.W. Drilled to 19330′ and
lost partial returns, cont. drlg. to 19354′ and lost partial returns agian. Performed
a 2nd leak off test with a 19.8 ppg EMW. Decided to spot a balanced Poly Plug
pill. A 100 bbl Poly Plug pill (956′ O.H.) was pumped and balanced. Pipe was
POOH to shoe and the pill squeezed into the formation. A total of 4 3/4 bbls were
squeezed and the top psi of 850 psi was reached. The well was shut in for 10 hrs
allowing the pill to cure. The well had 340 psi when opend up. The drill strg. was
POOH and BOP’s tested (total time 24 hrs). The pipe was staged and c/c every 2
stds. At the shoe the well was circ. and the M.W. reduced to 19.0 ppg. The drill
strg. was then washed & reamed to btm. Prior to pumpimg the pill while drlg. B/U
gas after the pill was set was 75 units. Drlg. resumed to 19734′ with no losses
and the well was C/C and the M.W. raised to 19.2 ppg. A short trip was made
without incident and the pipe POOH to log.