Liquid Bridge Plug OCSG 041, Well A1

Well Information

South Timbailer 146 (GoM)
3/8″ Control Line
0.049″ ID
Salt Water
12/ lb/gal
100 F
25 min


The SCSSV was locked out and had a hole knocked in same to communicate with
an insert SCSSV, then they pulled the insert valve and set a DX plug above the
open 3/8” control line hole. The id of the control line was 0.49”. The objective was
to seal all control lines with Liquid Bridge Plug leaving the top of Liquid Bridge Plug
below the depth of where the lines would be cut, thus preventing a source for gas
later in the P&A.


38 ounces of Liquid Bridge Plug was pumped down the 3/8” control line
for the long string and short string using a “ENERPAC HYDROLIC” hand
pump. Per 100’ of 3/8” control line has a volume of 7.6 ounces. The
“ENERPAC HYDROLIC” hand pump held a volume of 1.5 gallons. Liquid
Bridge Plug was displaced with sea water. 35 full strokes on the hand
pump equaled 100’ linear fill inside the control line. Both lines were
successfully sealed/plugged with Liquid Bridge Plug and P&A operations
commenced per ERT.