Cement Spacer OCS-G 23135

Well Information

Mustang Island Block 758, Gulf of Mexico
10.0 lb/gal (Spacer 11.5 lb/gal)
150 F
60 min


Due to the loss circulation problems experienced while drilling this well, Ultra
Spacer was chosen over conventional cement spacers to maximize fluid
displacement and prevent loss circulation during the cement displacement. Ultra
Seal Plus was added to Ultra Spacer in a concentration of 10 lbs/bbl. The Ulta Seal
Plus fibers provide initial blockage of flow and the polymers in Ultra Spacer seal
against the fiber mat minimizing additional fluid leak off. This assist with circulating
the cement higher in the annulus, thus preventing the hydrostatic pressure from the
cement to initiate flow into the loss zone. The flow rate at which Ultra Spacer is
pumped through the annulus governs the effectiveness of hole cleaning and the
resulting displacement effeciency. A good guideline for optimum fluid velocity for
hole cleaning is a pump rate of 240 ft/min. If this rate cannot be achieved because
of hole conditions, the recommendation is to pump as fast as conditions allow.
**ADTI Turnkey** **BJ Services-Cement Company**


This well was experiencing partial to total loss circulation during the
beginning of the cement displacement. After 10 bbl’s of Ultra Spacer had
been pumped into the annulus full returns were observed. Full returns
continued during the rest of the displacement.