Ultra Spacer, Poly Plug Clear Gel Parlange #8

Well Information

Tuscaloosa, Judge Digby, False River, La
8.5 ppg
380 F
30 minutes


The Operators objective was to seal off existing perforations in order to perforate
and produce a new zone. The Operator had a total of 90′ of perforations with a
total of 37′ opened and 53′ sanded up. PFS mixed and blended a 5 bbl Ultra
Spacer pill to be pumped in front of the HMW Poly Plug Clear Gel pill consisting of
15 bbls. The pills were pumped with the Ultra Spacer first followed by the HMW
Poly Plug Clear Gel. The pills were pumped through 1-1/4″ coil tubing to a depth
of 21,051′. The well went on vaccum with returns occurring when the pill reached
the perforations. The pill was allowed 12 hours to develop maximum strength.
After waiting 12 hours, the well was circulated with full returns at normal pump
pump rates. The remaining 53′ of perforations were opened up with losses
occurring and 30 bbls of HMW Poly Plug Clear Gel was pumped behind 5 bbl’s of
Ultra Spacer.


With the well on vacuum, both applications with the combination of
Ultra Spacer and HMW Poly Plug Clear Gel successfully sealed the
perforations. This well is currently producing with 12,600 psi
differential pressure across the perforations and holding.