Liquid Bridge Plug Chevron – OCS-G-2868 #3

Well Information

Vermillion 31 Offshore Louisiana, GOM
Salt Water
8.6 lb/gal
205 F


OBJECTIVE: The operator wanted to seal a leaking packer in an offshore
production well without the use of a rig due to availability and pricing. Engineering
wanted a fluid that would fall through sea water in the vertical 7″ X 3 1/2″ annulus
for a total depth of 12,600′. The fluid required an extended set time while
maintaining its properties and forming an effective seal. APPLICATION: A special
formulation of Liquid Bridge Plug® was designed with additional density to increase
the settling rate. After mixing 168 gallons of Liquid Bridge Plug®, the resin sealant
was loaded into the annulus and chased with 9 bbls of sea water. The well was
shut in and the resin sealant was allowed to fall through the sea water for 14 hours
to settle on top of the packer. RESULTS: After a twenty four hour cure time the
Liquid Bridge Plug® plug was tested to 1,000 psi for 30 minutes with no recorded
pressure losses. The Operator was pleased with the total operation and that a
rig-less operation had been performed that saved thousands of dollars in rig time
not to mention any lost production waiting on a rig.


Product will not shrink, functions in low temperatures, has over 10
times the shear bond of cement, impermeable to gas, ultimate
compressive strength of over 6000psi.