Poly Plug “Tight Hole”

Well Information

Kaplan, La
8 1/2
210 F
3 hrs


Severe loss circulation was experienced below 12000′ into sand/shale lithology.
The well had been on vacuum on 2 different occasions. The offset well required
3 cement plugs to successfully control the losses within the zone. A 100 bbl
Poly Plug pill was squeezed from the 9 5/8″ casing shoe into the 8 1/2″ O.H.
The operator waited 4 hours for the pill to develop maximum strength and then
RIH one stand and attempted to circulate. Partial returns were observed. A
second Poly Plug pill was pumped and only 5 bbls of pill was squeezed into the
formation due to pump pressures reaching 3950 psi on the casing. The well
was left shut in for 10 hours. The operator TIH washing and reamed to bottom
with 100% returns.


Drilling commenced to TD without further incident of loss