Poly Plug E.B. 1003

Well Information

E.B. 1003
13.3 ppg
125 F
4 hours


The Operator drilled out 13 3/8” shoe and could not obtain the desired shoe test
—Max. psi 325lbs—A 100 bbl 13.3 ppg Poly Plug pill was recommended and
blended and squeezed from 6589’—The pill was formulated and blended in the rig
slugging pill (Note: The slugging tank had no agitator with only a gun line available
for agitation, the Poly Plug was mixed through the rig hopper)—The well was
drilled to 6749’ the drill string was POOH to 6589’ and the Poly Plug pill blended
(3 hrs. 45 min.) and pumped to the drill bit—the Hydril was closed and squeeze
procedures began—An est. 88 bbls was squeezed into the formation with a noted
500 psi on the backside & holding at the end of squeeze—The well was left shut
in for 4 hrs—After 4 hrs. a noted 440-psi was on the backside—the pressure was
bled off and the Poly Plug pill was allowed to sit for an additional 4 hrs. for a total
of 8 hours—The Operator then TIH and tagged the Poly Plug pill at 6725’ and
drilled out the Poly Plug pill noting no contamination and formation to the depth of
6749’—A LOT was performed and the csg. shoe held the desired shoe psi of 425
psi—EMW 14.5 ppg—The rig then continued drlg. operations and when checked
on 3 days after the squeeze they were still in drlg mode with no problems.


The previous well took numerous days (7 days) at this csg. depth
to squeeze off the shoe. Due to the performance of Poly Plug the
Operator stated that they had saved an estimated 7 days of deep
water rig rental.