Casing Leak Elder #1

Well Information

Crowley, La Acadia Parish
Salt Water
8.8 lb/gal
130 F
40 min


A hole in the 5-1/2″ casing at 5,508′ prevented work over/wash out operations
below 5,542′. A cement plug consisting of 80 sx of cement was spotted. After WOC,
a work string with a bit was RIH and attempted to circulate. The well was losing
over 60 bbls an hour of field brine and Operations decided to mix and pump 10 bbls
of Poly Plug®.


Ten bbl’s of Poly Plug® was mixed using field brine. The pill was
mixed in the slug tank and displaced down hole as follows: With the
end of the work string/bit (1) bbl below the casing leak, (10) bbls of
Poly Plug® was displaced down the work string followed by (9) bbls
of lease water (tubing capacity). With the Poly Plug® at the bit, the
rams were closed and 8 bbl’s of Poly Plug® was squeezed into the
casing leak/formation. The rams were then opened and 2 bbl’s of Poly
Plug® were pumped into the casing. Four joints of tubing were pulled
and the rams closed to perform a hesitation squeeze. The squeeze
pressure could not exceed 200 psi. The first hestiation squeeze was
performed by applying 200 psi and then shutting down. The pressure
dropped to 100 psi. After ten minutes, a second hesitation squeeze
was performed. The casing was pressured up to 200 psi and then the
SIP dropped to 150 psi and held. The well was left shut in for (8)
hours. After (8) hours circulation was established with 100% returns.
The work string was RIH. The remaining Poly Plug® in the casing was
washed through and the work string RIH to the top of the Hook Up
Nipple to commence work over operations without further incident of
loss circulation.