Liquid Bridge Plug OCSG: 05393 Well B-004

Well Information

West Cameron Block 318-Offshore La
13.0 lb/gal
225 F
10 min


Fluid Characteristics Needed: · Capable of being dumped from an electric line
bailer · Compatible with 13.0 ppg CaCl fluid inside wellbore · A fluid that
would set up to form a permanent barrier or plug in the wellbore · A weighted
fluid that could be dumped in the 13.0 ppg completion fluid, and settle on bottom to
form plug · A reasonable cure/set time Well Information: · Open hole size – 6 ¾”
(estimated bottom at 10,624’) · Casing size – 5 ½” with bottom at 10,612’ ·
Tubing size – 2 7/8” with bottom at 10,100’ Job Objective: Set plug in open hole to
isolate lower portion of productive sand, which had a water level. The 5 ½”
production liner had stuck in the middle of our prospective sand while being run in
hole. The cement job on the liner was very poor and the two subsequent cement
jobs, trying to get isolation in the open hole were not totally successful, leaving
+/- 14’ of open hole below the liner.


The objective sand was perforated at 10,600’-10,612’, then successfully
dump bailed the PFS Liquid Bridge Plug from 10,624’-10,612’. The plug
was allowed to cure for 12 hours, it was tagged with electric line, and the
well was placed on production. The well is currently producing gas and
condensate, with no water production. Reference: Ted Russell