Ultra Spacer FI Johnson #76

Well Information

Hidalgo County
375 F


The Operator had several sets of perforations ranging from 14,800′ to 16,132′ and
needed a temporary seal in order to perform remedial work within the well bore.
The existing well had pressure prior to pumping the pill and an estimated 11.0 ppg
fluid would be needed to kill he well. The Operator expressed a desire to pump the
temporary pill solids free. A 50 bbl solids free Ultra Spacer, Un-weighted, was mixed
and blended and spotted and squeezed across the entire target zones.


The Operator achieved a temporary seal across the entire zone and 11.0
ppg fluid was displaced into the well bore and circulated to 0 psi casing
pressure. The Operator continued as per program with no loss’s noted.