Poly Plug Walker #1

Well Information

N.E. Houston
9-5/8 Intermediate Casing
17.0 ppg
225 F
3 hrs


Maximum shoe test pressure was 320 psi prior to pumping/squeezing Poly Plug.
Scenario: Prior to pumping Poly Plug there were two Flex Plugs set within the
well bore. Each attempt to circulate after washing through the Flex Plug failed.
The drilling fluid had to be conditioned after each application of Flex Plug due to
contamination of the drilling fluid with Flex Plug spacers. The estimated losses
were from 12,529 ft to 12,550 ft. After consultation with the ETOCO Drilling
Engineer it was decided to attempt a squeeze from the casing shoe due to the
fact that it was not possible to trip into the well bore to get on top of the suspect
loss zone. A 100 bbl Poly Plug pill was weighted up to the active system mud
weight of 17.5 ppg and squeezed from the shoe. The backside casing pressure
during the squeeze slowly increased as the Poly Plug pill was squeezed into the
formation and a decision to shut down the squeeze with an estimated 35 bbls of
Poly Plug remaining in the well bore was made. Casing pressure had reached
1,250 psi with 2,000 psi on the drill pipe. The well was left shut in for (8) hours.
After waiting (8) hours the drill string was TIH and washed and reamed to TD
without lossess.


Prior to pumping Poly Plug losses had been occurred at the
casing shoe. It was also noted that there was 250′ of 12-1/4″
rat hole below the casing shoe, the casing became stuck and
could not be run to bottom.