Poly Plug Ultra Squeeze Fort Nelson, BC

Well Information

Operator: Shell
Location: Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada


Operator was drilling ahead with no losses when a drill break occurred and the bit fell 5’. Total loss of circulation occurred into a fractured sandstone.


Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze

The BHA was placed 5 barrels inside the 13 3/8” casing and 180 bbls of Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze was blended and formulated for a static BHT of 122 degrees F. With the drill pipe on vacuum, Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze was pumped into the drill pipe. After +/- 140 bbls of Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze exited the bit, partial returns were observed on the surface.

Five barrels of Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze were left in the drill pipe to prevent contamination with OBM while pulling above the pill. The Hydril was closed and 10 bbls of Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze were squeezed into the formation at 0.25 BPM.

The well was left shut in for 8 hours. The Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze pill was tagged below the casing shoe and washing and reaming commenced.


A successful FIT was obtained and drilling commenced without further incident.