Poly Plug El Paso

Well Information

Operator: British Petroleum (BP)
Location: El Paso, Texas


A BP rig in El Paso drilled out a 13 3/8” casing shoe and could not obtain the desired shoe test.


Poly Plug®

A 100 bbl 13.3 ppg Poly Plug® pill was blended. The pill was then blended in the rig slugging tank and took 3 hours and 45 minutes to build and weight up. Since a gun line was the only agitation method available, the Poly Plug® pill was mixed through the rig hopper.

After the Poly Plug® was blended, the well was drilled to 6,749’ and the drill string was POOH to 6,589’. Eighty-eight bbls of Poly Plug® was then squeezed into the formation and the well was shut in for eight hours.


After using Poly Plug®, the drill string was TIH and the Poly Plug pill was tagged at 6,725’. Washing and reaming continued to a depth of 6749’ and the drill string was then POOH to the casing shoe. A FIT was performed to 425 psi, and an EMW of 14.5 ppg.

Drilling operations were then able to commence without incident, saving BP $700,000 on rig time, when compared to a cement squeeze.