Poly Plug Ultra Squeeze Cement City, OK

Well Information

Operator: Chevron
Location: Cement City, Oklahoma


The well hit depleted sandstone at 16,000’. Three other cement plugs were pumped prior to using Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze and the wellbore was on vacuum.


Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze

An 80 bbls Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze pill was blended and pumped from the casing shoe at 15,500’. After 8 hours the well was circulated with full returns. The Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze pill was drilled through and approximately 70% returns were noted. A second pill of 40 bbls was then blended and pumped, and the well was left shut in for 6 hours.


Wellbore losses previous to Ultra Squeeze were 2,500 bbls of OBM. After tagging the Poly Plug® Ultra Squeeze second pill, bottoms up was circulated as the drilling fluid conditioned. Washing and reaming commenced, and drilling operations were able to continue for another 800’ with no losses to T.D.