Ultra-Seal Plus, Ultra Seal XP Midland CBB#2H

Well Information



Client was losing fluid to the Upper Sprayberry. Sweeps of Ultra Seal Plus with Drill
Express were swept throughout the well during connections (10-20) bbls sweeps.
The Client continued to use the Ultra Seal Plus throughout the deeper sections of
the well bore which consisted of vugular and fractured shale/limestone/dolomite


The initial sweep of material consisted of a 45 viscosity with 40 ppb Ultra
Seal. The first pill was spotted and waited on for 1 hour at which full
returns were noted. Drilling continued and the well was swept with
10-20 bbls of 40 ppb Ultra Seal Plus per connection down to casing
point with no further loss. The lower zones with fractured environment
were treated as well with the Ultra Seal Plus and loss of fluid was
reduced to manageable 5 bph loss to no loss of fluid noted at all.