Poly Plug Moorer 25-12 #4

Well Information

Mobile County, Al.
16.4 lb/gal
275 F
2 hrs


The operator was drilling a re-entry below 16,000’TVD when circulation was
lost. The formation was a fractured limestone. Attempts to cure the losses
with different cellulose fiber products failed. Over a period of (24) twenty
four hours a total of 1,650 bbls of 15 ppb invert oil mud was lost into a
4 3/4″ open hole. It was decided to spot an ULTRA SEAL-POLY PLUG® pill in
the open hole. A (27) twenty seven (bbl) barrel pill of ULTRA SEAL-POLY
PLUG® was mixed. The mixing procedure is as follows: In a blending unit,
(27) twenty seven (bbls) of fresh water was weighted up to 15.0 ppg. Once
the pill was weighted, (27) twenty seven bags of ULTRA SEAL-POLY PLUG®
was mixed into the pill. Additionally, due to the 280 F bottom hole
temperature, 15.6 ppb (8 – 5 gallon pails) of ULTRA SEAL-XLR™ (RETARDER)
was mixed. A spacer was required to prevent contamination between the
ULTRA SEAL-POLY PLUG® pill and the invert oil mud. (20) Twenty (bbls) of
invert was viscosified to 100 sec/qt viscosity by adding (3) three bags of
organophilic clay. A (10) Ten (bbl) spacer was pumped in front of the pill
and (10) ten (bbls) was pumped behind the pill. This spacer was very
effective in minimizing contamination. The pill was pumped and spotted
through the 4 3/4″ bit. The bit had (2) two 11/32nd nozzles and (1) 16/32nd
nozzle. After displacing the spacer and (10) bbls of ULTRA SEAL-POLY PLUG®,
the operator was circulating with 100% returns.


After the remaining pill was spotted, the operator pulled (4)
four stands and circulated out. The Operator washed back to
bottom and commenced drilling. Drill rate average 15-20 fph
with 100% returns.