Poly Plug Majors

Well Information

Lavonia, La Tuscaloosa Trend
9 5/8
15.0 lb/gal
300 Degress F
3 Hours


Prior to pumping Poly Plug the casing shoe tested to 16.8 ppg (leak off).
A 120 bbl Poly Plug pill was mixed and pumped down hole. As the Poly
Plug slurry reached the bit, the hydril was closed and the Poly Plug slurry
was squeezed into the formation. After waiting (8) hours a FIT was
performed and the well tested to an EMW of 17.4 ppg.


Squeezing the casing shoe with Poly Plug increased
the integrity from 16.8 lb/gal to a 17.4 lb/gal EMW.
This equated to a 2,122 psi increase.