Liquid Bridge Plug OCS-G 04082

Well Information

Sabine Pass 18 A-5, Gulf of Mexico
2 7/8
Salt Water
8.6 ppg
115 F
60 min


Slick line operation was not able to get below a fish inside the tubing at 3,900 feet
(WLM). Old records from the previous Operator states a coil tubing unit was used to
mill on a fish at ~300′ and milled on the fish for 2 days at 3,902′. After 2 days of
milling the well started to flow and CT was rigged down without confirming if the fish
was completely removed. Due to the obstruction in the tubing, a waiver was granted
to perforate above the fish at 3,902′ and circulate a 500′ cement plug in the tubing
X 9 5/8″ annulus. Prior to perforating the tubing the well had ~2,000 psi SITP. 35
bbl’s of Class “H” @ 16.2 ppg with 63 gallons of GMA#1 and 2.3 gallons of K-Lig
retarder was pumped at 1 BPM (3,900′-3,400′). WOC for 19 hours. R/U to tubing
and test the tubing to 1,500 psi for 15 minutes on chart, tubing tested. Tested tubing
X casing annulus to 1,500 psi on chart for 15 minutes, test good. Monitor tubing and
tubing X casing annulus for bubbles, well bubbling. The initial pressure on the tubing
was 50 psi with 75 psi on the casing. After twenty hours the tubing had 160 psi and
the casing had 250 psi SCP. The casing and tubing was bled to zero psi and
monitored. After five (5) hours pressure had build back to 260 psi on the casing and
250 psi on the tubing. After obtaining MMS approval six (6) bbl’s of Liquid Bridge
Plug was mixed and pumped. Prior to pumping the Liquid Bridge Plug, W/L was RIH
with a gauge ring to tag cement inside the tubing. After tagging cement, the tubing
was peforated ~100′ above the TOC. Circulation was established by pumping down
the 9 5/8″ casing and taking returns via the 2 7/8″ tubing. 6 bbl’s of Liquid Bridge
Plug was pumped down the 9 5/8″ casing taking returns via the 2 7/8″ tubing. The
resin was displaced with 146 bbl’s of sea water leaving the resin ~500′ above the
estimated top of cement at 2,918′. After pumping the resin treatment, W/L was RIH
and a CIBP was set inside the tubing above the tubing punch. After POOH with
W/L, 1,500 psi was applied to the system and the well was left shut in for 48 hours.


After WOR for 48 hours,the tubing and tubing X casing annulus was
pressure tested to 1,500 psi and bubble tested. Both the tubing and
tubing X casing annulus passed the pressure and bubble test.