Liquid Bridge Plug, Liquid Bridge Plug-W/L OCSG:2076, C5

Well Information

Vr Block 214 Gulf of Mexico
9.0 Completion Brine-KCL
9.0 ppg
190 F
10 min


While plugging back, the cement plug inside the 9 5/8″ casing would not test. Eight
gallons of Liquid Bridge Plug was dumped on top of the cement plug and allowed to
cure. Eight gallons provided 2.4 linear feet of fill inside the 9 5/8″ casing. Each
bailer run was made with 4 gallons of Liquid Bridge Plug.


After waiting 24 hours the plug was successfully tested as per Chevron.
The total amount of resin dumped on top of the failed cement plug was
2.4 linear feet.