Poly Plug Ras El Hekma-1

Well Information

12 1/4″-9600′
9.4 ppg


1000 bbls of vol. lost over a 24 hrs period—the drill strg was POOH to 8400’
(btm of the Alamein formation)—the est. top was at 7900’—circ. attempted with
30 bbls/hr noted—A 100 bbl Poly Plug pill was spotted across the Alamein
formation and over displaced by 10 bbls—-the operator POOH 18 more stds. And
was able to circ. with full returns noted—the well bore was then closed and 32
bbls of the Poly Plug pill was squeezed into the formation and held for 6 hrs—the
squeeze psi was released and the well bore was circ. at that present depth for 3
hrs with full returns noted—-the Poly Plug pill was washed through without further
losses to the Alamein Formation and drilling cont. with out further loss problems