Poly Plug I.Y. Garcia #2

Well Information

Endinburgh, Tx
8 3/4″-10233′
15.4 ppg
218 F
2 1/2 hrs


Loss’s were 150 BPH and Est. loss zone at 9925’ to 9933 with possible weaker
zones up the well bore—The drill bit was placed at 9900’ and a 50 bbl 15.4 ppg
Poly Plug pill was blended and placed across the loss zone and then pulled out
of to the required depth and squeezed into the formation leaving approx. 5 bbls of
Poly Plug pill with in the annulus—The Poly Plug pill was waited on for 6 hours
and the bit was TIH and the Poly Plug pill was tagged up on at 9821’ and est. 104’
above the suspect theft zone and an approx. bit weight of 18000 lbs was set on
top of the Poly Plug pill—Circ. was attempted with noticeable loss’s at 35 BPH
thus proving that there were weaker zones above the first suspect loss zone—It
was requested by the operator to blend and spot a 100 bbl Poly Plug pill across
the rest of the well bore and squeeze and est. 50 bbls—this procedure was
followed and the operator was able to circ after tagging the top of the 2nd pill and
at this point displaced out with Water Base Mud