Ultra-Seal Plus Wirebolt #5

Well Information

Buffalo, Tx


Total loss circulation through a depleted sand…Mud Company LCM had been
spotted in various concentrations up to 30 ppb without success…A 60 bbl pill with
the following concentrations was recommenced and blended (40 ppb of Ultra Seal
Plus and 10 ppb of Ultra Seal XP)…the pill was spotted across the thief zone and
waited on for several hours. After several hours, total returns were obtained and
drilling operation continued…A recommendation by the well site Operator was
requested for continued application of the Ultra Seal products…6 ppb Ultra Seal
XP was added and maintained within the entire system and sweeps with Ultra
Seal Plus was periodically pumped through the well bore as needed when
depleted zones were encountered…No further losses were noted while drilling the
rest of the interval.


The mud company on location had no success with there LCM
products. Ultra Seal stopped the loss circulation and operations