News & Resources Our news and resources section houses our PDF Library, where you can find a wealth of information about PFS’ products, including white papers, as well as our latest press releases. 

White Papers

pdficon  Zonal Isolation in Lost Circulation Zones

MSDS PDF Library

pdficon Ultra Seal® OBM pdficon Ultra Spacer®
pdficon Ultra Seal® XP pdficon GMA #1
pdficon Ultra Seal® TG pdficon Liquid Bridge Plug®
pdficon Ultra Seal® C pdficon Liquid Bridge Plug® HTA
pdficon Ultra Seal® Bio pdficon Liquid Bridge Plug® LTA
pdficon Ultra Seal® Plus pdficon Carbonite®
pdficon Poly Plug® pdficon Dril-Xcaliper®
pdficon Poly Plug® Clear Gel
pdficon DrilXpress®