Liquid Bridge Plug-W/L, Cross Flow, Slick Line, Wire Line, Dump Bailer BEVIL #1

Well Information

Jefferson County, Tx (Field: Nome)
Bailer Size: 1 3/4″ OD & 1 1/8″ ID
Dry Gas
Dry Gas within Wellbore
325 F
10 min


Bailer Size (1 3/4″ OD – 1 1/8″ ID – Brass Cap – length 30′ – Bailer Volumer = 2.75
gallons – Density of Liquid Bridge Plug 9.3 lbs/gal). The objective was to isolate
the bottom set of perforations (13,985′-13,989′)to prevent cross-flow. Because of
the casing damage, the Operator was not able to set a CIBP, which was their
original plan. The casing size was 4 ½ “.


Liquid Bridge Plug® was successfully RIH and dumped 17 times to
provide ± 70 Linear Feet of fill inside the 4 ½” Casing. Total time required
to make the dumps was two days. After waiting 24 hours on the resin to
cure, the well was tested, test good. Prior to dumping Liquid Bridge
Plug® the well was dry gas, currently the well has a fluid level.