Ultra Seal C

ULTRA SEAL® C is composed of cellulose vegetable fibers blended in a medium to coarse grade for application in the form of sweeps or spots within the active drilling fluid. The product is coated with a mineral oil, and compatible with both WBM and OBM systems.


Ultra Seal® C has been used by major operators in the Gulf of Mexico for the following applications: 1. Loss Circulation Material: Helped seal off sections of the hole that were losing partial mud returns. 2. Torque and Drag Reducer: Has reduced torque and drag in high angle holes across sand zones. 3. Sealing Depleted Sands: While drilling depleted sands and having differential sticking problems, Ultra Seal® XP and Ultra Seal® C helped seal those sands and prevented sticking. 4. Running Casing in High Angle Holes: Ran casing after spotting Ultra Seal® XP across sand zones. Had no problems running casing in a 78 degree deviated hole and got full cement returns, which had not been seen in other similar jobs.