Liquid Bridge Plug-W/L S/L3052 No. 37

Well Information

Louisiana State Waters (S/L 3052 No. 37)
9.0 lb/gal
275 F
15 minutes


4′ of Liquid Bridge Plug was dumped on top of a cement plug which would not test.
The casing was 7″ and also had sustained casing pressure. After dumping the resin
(Liquid Bridge Plug), the tubing was filled with bay water (~37 bbls) and pressured
up to 2,000 psig. The well was then shut in. While WOR the Operator increased the
pressure by 100 psig. The next day the Operator increased the pressure another
250 psig and the pressure held.


After perforating the new (upper) zone, the Operator lowered the SITP by
1,750 psig resulting in a negative 1,750 psig negative test. Liquid Bridge
Plug has a shear bond of over 1,650 psig, compared to less than 300
psig with cement. The high shear bond results in lower plug lengths
compared to cement.