Liquid Bridge Plug, Poly Plug Clear Gel OCS-G 24710

Well Information

West Cameron 95 #1
10.0 ppg CaCl2
235 F
60 min


The West Cameron 95 #1 was originally completed in the Cris A3 lower. Production
depleted from 7 mmscf/d to 200 mmscf/d over a 15 month period. Water production
increased to over 2,000 bwpd within the same time period. Cris A3 lower was then
plugged and production commenced from the Cris A3 upper. Production from this
zone came in at 2 mmscf/day and declined in 10 months, after commingling the two
zones, the well only flowed water. Prior to recompleting to the Cris A2 sand Poly
Plug Clear Gel and Liquid Bridge Plug was squeezed to isolate/shut off the
channeled water from below. Using a HWO unit the production tubing was POOH.
A 3 1/2″ work string with an EZSVB/squeeze gun assembly was RIH to 11,640′ MD.
The casing was perforated at 6 spf with 60 degree phasing. A 4″ drill gun with 32
gram deep penetration charges was used. Poly Plug® Clear Gel and Liquid Bridge
Plug® was pumped into the well and displaced with completion fluid, leaving the top
of Liquid Bridge Plug® at 11,652′ or twelve feet above the top perforation, sting out
of retainer and POOH with work string and lay down same. RECOMPLETION OF
THE CRIS A-2: PU a packer assembly on E/L and RIH. Set packer as per
completion detail. Displace the well with packer fluid and corrosion inhibitor, close
the SCSSV, set BPV, nipple down the HWO unit and nipple up tree. R/U E-Line and
make up 2″ HSD, Power Jet gun system (12 spf and 60 degree phase) and RIH.
Perforate the Cris A-2 sand with the through tubing gun at 12 spf. POOH and rig
down E-Line unit and lubricator. Turn well over to production.


Performing a “Block” squeeze with Poly Plug® Clear Gel followed by
Liquid Bridge Plug® isolated the water production channeling up from
the Cris A 3 lower and upper formation. As per CBL data, poor cement
bond existed across the lower zones.