Poly Plug Debataz #1

Well Information

Tuscaloosa, Morganza Field, False River, La
8.5 ppg
400 F
1 hr


The Operators objective was to shut off a set of depleted perforations and
perforate and produce a high pressure gas zone. The existing perforations were
producting large amounts of coarse sand and it was esitmated that a cavernous
zone was present behind the 7 5/8″ casing. With the well on vacuum, 30 bbls of
Poly Plug was pumped to the EOT at 18045′ and over displaced by 1 bbl. After
shutting down, 800 psi was held over the initial well head pressure while waiting
on the pill to cross-link. After 8 hours, utilizing 1 1/4″ high pressure coil tubing, the
pill was washed through with a high pressure nozzle and the zone tested per
Louisiana State shut off requirements. After testing the CTU was POOH. The CTU
was TOH to P/U a perforating assemble and TIH below existing perforations to
perforate the next target zone.


As of 4/21/05 almost 1 1/2 years later this well is currently producing
gas from a high pressure zone below the shut-off perforations with
no cross flow. The delt P across the existing zones which were shut
off with Poly Plug is 9800 psi. The reservoir temperature across the
shut off perforations averages 400 to 411 degrees F.