Pro Sweep South Texas

Well Information

South Texas


Gas Well—South Texas Pro Sweep has been used in seven wells in a South
Texas formation with exceptional results. The following case history is
representative of the results achieved for this operator. Application: An
independent operator drilled a directional wildcat well from a small drilling pad
surrounded by wetlands. Because drilling from the site was restricted to summer
and early fall, no time could be allotted for remediation of cement seals across the
producing intervals. The producing interval contained an estimated 25 to 30 sands
requiring zonal isolation over a depth of 2000 ft. The operator was concerned
about the potential for lost circulation in the wells and did not want to damage the
sands since time was a critical factor in these operations. Solution: It was
recommended that 50 barrels of Pro Sweep be pumped ahead of the cement to
reduce lost circulation and filtrate invasion that could potentially damage the
producing sands. Results: The cementing treatment was successful and excellent
bonding and annular seal were achieved throughout the producing intervals. Bond
logs indicated superior bonding and cement fill, and early production from the well
exceeded expectations. The operator has since drilled three additional wells using
Pro Sweep in the production cementing treatment.


Results from these wells have been equal to the results from the first
well. “Good bonding was established over the entire cemented
interval resulting in waterfree completion…It was an important factor
in the successful completion of one of the largest discoveries in
Southeast Texas in the last 50 years.”