Drill-Xpress Jefferson Airplane #3

Well Information

Beaumont, Tx
10 3/4
9.0 ppg
130 F
1 hour (90 bbls)


Mixed and pumped 90 bbl’s of Drill-Xpress (4.5 pails per 45 bbl’s of water). In
additional to Drill-Xpress, 20 sacks of Ultra Seal® Plus was added to each side of
the blender. The lead cement slurry was 11.8 ppg. The mixing blender had two 50
bbl tanks with an auger and re-circulating lines. Total time to mix was only “1 hour”.


As witnessed by the TRRC Representative and Cimarex Drilling
Superintendent, cement to surface was achieved without any incidence
of lost circulation. Lost circulation during the cement displacement is a
common occurrence for surface hole intervals in this area. As per the
Cimarex company man, after WOC the casing was cut at the wellhead
and the cement perfect, no fall back.