Poly Plug Khalda, Egypt

Well Information

Operator: Khalda
Location: Western Desert, Egypt


The drill string was POOH to 8,400’ at the bottom of the Alamein formation and 7,900’ at the top. Attempts to circulate resulted in 30 bbls/hr losses. 1,000 bbls of volume lost over a 24-hour period.


Poly Plug®

Prior to using Poly Plug®, three other cement plugs had been pumped without success. A 100 bbl Poly Plug® pill was spotted across the Alamein formation and over displaced by 1 bbl. The Operator POOH 18 stands and attempted to circulate. Full returns were observed. The Hydril was then closed and 32 bbls of the Poly Plug® was squeezed into the formation and held for 6 hours. 


The squeeze pressure was released and bottoms up circulated with full returns. The drill string was TIH and the Poly Plug® pill was washed through without issue, and drilling was able to commence without further loss circulation problems.