Poly Plug Wurtele #2

Well Information

False River, La
8 1/2
16.7 ppg
300 F
3 1/2 hr


Drill through the Selma Chalk (+/- 2,000′)with a 16.7 ppg OBM before attempting
to seal off fractures with Poly Plug. Estimate fractures between 17,000′ and
17788’. There was 1100’ of open hole to the top of the Selma Chalk. The drill bit
was set 10’ above the casing shoe and a 20 bbl Ultra Spacer was blended and
pumped into the drill string prior to blending a 75 bbl, 16.7 ppg Poly Plug pill. The
Poly Plug pill was blended and pumped down the drill string at 6 bpm for the first
260 bbls of string volume and then the pump rate was reduced to 3 bpm for the
remaining 20 bbl’s of string volume. When the Ultra Spacer reached the bit the
Hydril was closed and the squeeze procedure implemented. 77 bbl’s of OBM was
squeezed ahead of the 20 bbl Ultra Spacer and the 75 bbls of Poly Plug. The
squeeze was stopped with 10 bbl’s of Poly Plug remaining above the estimated
loss zone at 17000’. The squeeze was held for 8 hours. The drill string was TIH
and the Poly Plug was tagged at 16,990’. The drill string was then POOH to the
casing shoe and a FIT was performed to 17.3 ppg EMW. The drill string was then
TIH and the Poly Plug pill washed out (18,000 lbs of bit weight was required). The
drill string was then POOH to the casing shoe and a second FIT was performed to
17.3 ppg at which drilling operations continued.


What makes this application unique is the fact that so much open
hole had to be covered prior to getting the Poly Plug pill to the thief
zone. Professional Fluid Services experience with cross link
polymer technology and application knowledge proved to be a
factor in the SUCCESS of this application.