Poly Plug Grady County

Well Information

Operator: Marathon
Location: Grady County, Oklahoma


The well lost complete returns at 16714’ and 1000 bbls of OBM was lost while attempting to circulate. Mud weight was cut and LCM pills were spotted in concentrations of 40-50 ppb, but another 700 bbls of OBM was still lost.


Poly Plug®

The fluid level was checked with wire line and was determined to be 800’. A 60 bbl Poly Plug® pill was mixed and spotted. After six hours the annulus was filled with 30 bbls of 11.8 ppg OBM with some seepage noted at 20 BPH. The drill string was TIH to 16273’ and attempts to circulate brought no returns.

A second 60 bbl Poly Plug® pill was mixed and spotted. After squeezing 120 bbls into the displacement a trickle of returns were obtained. That trickle increased to 75-80% returns once all the displacement fluid had been pumped. The drill string was then shut down.

After waiting five hours, the drill string was POOH to 7951’ and full returns were established. Eventually, the drill string was staged into the wellbore to the total depth of 16,714’ with full returns.


After using Poly Plug®, drilling was completed to the depth of 16,962’ with no further losses.