Liquid Bridge Plug-W/l, Liquid Bridge Plug Vible #1b-11D

Well Information

Pinedale, Wyoming
Lease Water
8.4 ppg
200 F
30 min


The well had over twenty Module’s with “Expro” external perforating guns that could
be fired to selectively monitor formation pressures. The goal was to convert the
monitoring well to a producer. However, one of the “Expro” gun firing head ports
was leaking. Completion required a multi stage frac job. The frac job could not be
performed until the leak was sealed. Injection rate into the leak was 15 gpm @
4,100 psi with 8.4 lb/gal lease water. A TTBP was set inside the 2-7/8” below the
module which was leaking. Liquid Bridge Plug® (RESIN) was dump bailed using a
2” X 30’ gravity bailer. After making two dumps, the bailer was POOH and R/D. A
squeeze was performed by pumping into the well at 2 gal/min (38 gallons of lease
water pumped) until a squeeze pressure of 6,000 psi was reached. An estimated
amount of Liquid Bridge Plug® (RESIN) squeezed into the leak was 3.5 gallons.
Two additional dumps of Liquid Bridge Plug® (RESIN) were made. After POOH with
bailer and R/D a second/final squeeze was performed by pumping into the well at 2
gal/min until a squeeze pressure of 4,000 psi was reached. An estimated 7 gallons
of Liquid Bridge Plug® (RESIN) was injected into the leak. Pressure stabilized at
4,000 psi and was monitored for one hour. After one hour the pressure was reduced
to 3,000 psi and the well shut in for 24 hours. Job Factors (1) 200°F Static Bottom
Hole Temperature (2) Eight Hour Fluid Time at 200°F(3) RIH with Bailer, Make
Dump and Wait 10 Minutes to POOH(4) POOH 20 ft/min for First 100’ and Then
500 ft/min(5) 3.7 Gallons of 9.4 lb/gal Liquid Bridge Plug® (RESIN) per Dump


After waiting twenty four hours the well was tested to 10,000 psi for one
hour without any leak off. After the initial test was complete milling
operations commenced to mill out the remaining Liquid Bridge Plug®
(RESIN) from the 2-7/8” tubing. After milling out the tubing the well was
tested again to 8,000 psi for one hour without any leak off. At this point,
the well was turned over to production for completion.