Committed to Better Shale Control

Carbonite® is a mined hydrocarbon resin, glossy black asphaltic with a low SG (1.05-1.06). It occurs in very pure states compared to other asphalts and has softening points ranging from 360° to 450°F (180° to 232°C). It is produced specifically as an additive of drilling fluids and for cementing applications in the Oil & Gas industry’s upstream production. Carbonite® is chemically inert, insoluble in water, providing a deformable solid in drilling fluids and cement. It provides formidable technical advantages over other products at a significant reduction in cost. Carbonite® is produced with three different chemical formulations suitable for varieties of BHT. It is a high-molecular-weight hydrocarbon resin with a large molecular weight distribution, therefore, its softening point is much higher compared to other types of polymers. This allows molecular deformation to occur gradually as it approaches its softening point, and instead of completely melting into a low-viscosity liquid, Carbonite® remains as a high-viscosity liquid even after 20° above its softening point. The following three distinct product codes are classified in accordance with the start of their softening stage. The process will hold even 20° above the published points.
  • GP / softening point of 180°C or 360°F
  • HT / softening point of 205°C or 400°F.
  • Ultra HT / softening point 232°C or 450°F
Technical Characteristics of Carbonite® in Drilling Fluids
  1. Reduces HTHP Fluid Loss
  2. Improves Filter Cake Quality
  3. Stabilizes Shales
  4. Helps Prevent Differential Sticking
  5. Reduces Torque and Drag
  6. Effective in a High-temperature Environment
  7. Strengthens the Well Bore
Carbonite® is a premium grade SHALE CONTROL additive tested in major MUD labs around the globe, validated for its superior quality and efficiency. Carbonite® is micronized for maximum efficiency with particle size distribution in order to majorly improve Filter Cake Quality as its percent retained particle value on 200 mesh screen is ≤ 5% and on mesh screen 230 is ≤ 10% but, not a single particle remains on 150 mesh screen. Carbonite® is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-mutagenic. Under the CEFAS system in the North Sea it is rated as “E”, the highest environmental rating.